About me

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Sofie Nielander, model, art history student, amateur cook and world-wanderer

I first started traveling at 18 for my work as a model, to fashion capitals like New York and Milan of course, but also to far off places like Mexico and the Maldives for photo shoots. I still travel a lot for work, but now I make sure to find time to travel for pleasure too! Fortunately, I found a boyfriend who is even more of a nomad than I am, and together we love to explore new destinations.

We always travel independently, but no longer on a shoestring. I love combining adventurous exploring with a little luxury. Of course, the biggest luxury to have when traveling is time, and there never seems to be enough. That’s why I hope my travel tips can help you use the time you have efficiently, so you can get the most out of your holiday.

On this travel blog, I share all the itineraries I have traveled: to remember, to inspire, and to help you out when you’ve already decided where you want to go!