Travel Wiser Galapagos Islands itinerary

Galapagos Islands – land-based itinerary and diving liveaboard

The Galapagos Islands have an almost mythical reputation. For wildlife and nature lovers, there is simply no place like it. The isolated group of volcanic islands is home to endemic species so comfortable with humans that a zoom lens might actually make taking pictures more difficult. Add to that some otherworldly landscapes and the opportunity…

Travel Wiser Thailand itinerary: Khao Sok

Thailand itinerary – 10 days from Phang Nga Bay to Khao Sok

Thailand is Asia’s most popular destination for a reason: it has stunning landscapes, colorful culture, tropical beaches, great food and cheap massages… all the ingredients for a successful holiday. The downside is that, at least in some parts, Thailand can be overrun by tourists. But with a little effort, we managed to find some not-quite-hidden-but-still-unknown-enough…

Travel Wiser Trinidad and Tobago beaches

Trinidad and Tobago – 1 week itinerary

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, which consists of two small twin islands at the southern end of the Carribean, is a great destination for those who are looking for idyllic beaches without the crowds. They may lack truly spectacular sights, but besides palm-fringed beaches, Trinidad offers elfin rainforest, wetland swamp and an interesting mix…

Girl in wetsuit in front of the salt pans near Marsalforn Gozo

Malta and Gozo – 5 days off-season

Tiny Malta doesn’t often feature on bucket lists, it is primarily known as a destination for sun-seeking British retirees. But the Mediterranean island not only has some incredible landscapes, it is also packed with history and makes for a great cultural destination. Although it is not exactly exotic, it has an interesting cultural blend of…

Travel Wiser Panama highland cloud forest

Panama road trip – 2 weeks Pacific coast and highlands

Wondering what to do in Panama? This 2 week road trip itinerary will take you from Panama City to David, spotting wildlife in Parque Soberania, hiking to the waterfalls of El Valle, diving on Coiba island and discovering the Boquete and Volcan cloud forests on the way!

View over Padar island in Komodo National Park

Indonesia island hopping – 2 week itinerary

With thousands of islands extending more than 5000 km from east to west, it is difficult, if not impossible, to do justice to Indonesia in just two weeks. The three parts of the country covered in this itinerary (Eastern Java, Komodo, and Kalimantan) are relatively close together, but very different in terms of climate, landscape,…

Diving with manta rays in Komodo National Park

Komodo diving and dragons – 5 days liveaboard

The best way to see the wildlife and scenery above and below the waters of Komodo National Park in Indonesia has to be a liveaboard diving cruise. Above water you will see giant Komodo dragons, otherworldly landscapes and idyllic deserted beaches, underwater there is an unbelievably rich marine life, from manta rays, turtles and sharks,…

Travel Wiser Mozambique

Mozambique, Swaziland and Kruger Park – 3 week road trip itinerary

You might not have heard of Mozambique as a holiday destination, but that is not because it’s not worth going! With a coastline of more than 2000 km, Mozambique has plenty of pristine beaches where you can unwind at wonderful eco lodges and dive with the big stuff. The interior is still very undeveloped, but…