Travel Wiser Seychelles itinerary 2 weeks island-hopping

Seychelles itinerary – 2 weeks island-hopping

The Seychelles may be the ultimate do-nothing island paradise, but there is plenty to do! Of course, this destination is all about beaches (the Seychellois call them anses, or bays). Think powdery white sand punctuated by surreal granite boulders bordering clear turquoise waters… But the interior has plenty to offer, too, with lush jungle and special … Continue reading Seychelles itinerary – 2 weeks island-hopping

Travel Wiser Ecuador trip itinerary Andes to Amazon

Ecuador Trip – Andes to Amazon 2-4 weeks

Ecuador might be small, but it’s surprisingly varied. From the snow-capped volcanoes of the Andean highlands you can drive down to the lush and wildlife-rich rainforests of the Amazon Basin in a matter of hours. Modern meets colonial in cities like Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca. And of course there are the completely unique Galapagos Islands. It’s … Continue reading Ecuador Trip – Andes to Amazon 2-4 weeks

Travel Wiser Thailand itinerary: Khao Sok

Thailand itinerary – 10 days from Phang Nga Bay to Khao Sok

Thailand is Asia’s most popular destination for a reason: it has stunning landscapes, colorful culture, tropical beaches, great food and cheap massages… all the ingredients for a successful holiday. The downside is that, at least in some parts, Thailand can be overrun by tourists. But with a little effort, we managed to find some not-quite-hidden-but-still-unknown-enough … Continue reading Thailand itinerary – 10 days from Phang Nga Bay to Khao Sok