Baalbek temple ruins in Lebanon

Beirut, Baalbek and the Chouf Mountains – 3 days in Lebanon

Tiny Lebanon has had a long, and turbulent, history. It still bears the scars, but it also has a fantastic cultural legacy. Beirut is well known for its vibrant nightlife and restaurant scene, but it also happens to have one of the most beautiful museums of antiquities. And it is very easy to combine a…

Hiking to the rock-hewn churches of Tigray, Ethiopia

Tigray Ethiopia – 3 day guide to the rock-hewn churches

The stunning rock-hewn churches of Tigray may be the best kept secret of Ethiopia. Not many travelers make it here, but those that do can expect to be blown away not only by evocative churches, but also by sweeping views, fantastic hiking, great birdwatching and wonderful people. This is my account of what to do…

Travel Wiser with Sofie in Lalibela, Ethiopia

Ethiopia itinerary – 2 weeks Danakil, Lalibela, Simien and more

One of the most beautiful, diverse and enigmatic destinations in Africa, Ethiopia has something for everyone. Looking for fantastic hiking and unique wildlife? Try hanging out with gelada monkeys in the Simien Mountains. History and spirituality? Lalibela’s churches and Gondar’s castles. Spectacular landscapes and adventure? The volcanic Danakil Depression. All of the above together? Climb…

Sofie in Guyana

Guyana jungle and savannah – 10 day itinerary

If you are looking for an adventurous immersion into pristine nature, Guyana is the place to go. The small South American country is not well known as a tourist destination, but its natural beauty is exceptional and the very fact that it is little visited guarantees an authentic experience. On our 10-day tour of the…

Plantation Frederiksdorp Suriname

Paramaribo and Commewijne plantations – 5 days in Suriname

As a former Dutch colony, Suriname is firmly on the Dutch tourist trail, but most other people have never even heard of the small South American country. That is a pity, because Suriname has a beautiful old capital, historical sights, lush greenery and a great mix of cultures (including indigenous, Dutch, African, Indonesian, Indian and…

Abu Dhabi sand desert Telal Resort

Dubai and UAE – 1 week road trip itinerary

Mention Dubai and the United Arab Emirates and skyscrapers, malls and indoor skiing slopes come to mind. But when I had the occasion to spend some time traveling around, I discovered there is much more to the Emirates. Think spectacular mountain scenery, golden sand dunes as far as the eye can see, and brand new wildlife…

Girl in wetsuit in front of the salt pans near Marsalforn Gozo

Malta and Gozo – 5 days off-season

Tiny Malta doesn’t often feature on bucket lists, it is primarily known as a destination for sun-seeking British retirees. But the Mediterranean island not only has some incredible landscapes, it is also packed with history and makes for a great cultural destination. Although it is not exactly exotic, it has an interesting cultural blend of…

Sitting in a giant tree in the cloud forest of Bouquete Panama

Panama road trip – 2 weeks Pacific coast and highlands

Wondering what to do in Panama? This 2 week road trip itinerary will take you from Panama City to David, spotting wildlife in Parque Soberania, hiking to the waterfalls of El Valle, diving on Coiba island and discovering the Boquete and Volcan cloud forests on the way!

Horse riding in Vinales Cuba

Cuba road trip – 3 week itinerary from Viñales to Baracoa

Colorful crumbling houses, vintage cars, Fidel and Che, mojitos, music and cigars... evocative and seductive, Cuba had been on my wish list for a long time. But not the Cuba of the big all-inclusive resorts, I wanted to see the real country and get a chance to meet its friendly and interesting people. Right now,…

Habana Vieja street art mural

3 days in Havana

Havana speaks to the imagination. A city lost in time filled with music and mojitos, La Habana was always on my bucket list. Now that Cuba is finally starting to open up, I thought it would be the perfect time to go discover Havana’s dilapidated but oh so alluring streets, now filled with an unprecedented…